This Is Chiapas

On January 1, 1994, Chiapas Mexico, a group of indigenous people known as EZLN (The Zapatista Liberation Army), declare war against the Mexican government.
An interview with two Mexican poets highlights the struggle of the indigenous peoples who have been oppressed since the Spanish Conquest.

The images send a reminder to western culture of the concept of people living without hope and yet with the strength to resist, their struggle echoing throughout the world, attempting to make a new life. This is a message for peace, an invitation to solidarity and to a new awareness of the problems of racial discrimination, social exploitation, and of the continuous violation of human rights in countries such as Mexico.

Although independently conceived, This is Chiapas is demonstrably a logical extension to, and a convincing statement following closely, the messages discovered and announced in the compelling Academy Award winning 1983 documentary featuring Nobel laureate Rigoberta Menchu, When The Mountains Tremble.

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