In “Asleep,” a poem by Wilfred Owen, published in 1917, he writes about a soldier who was killed while sleeping.

It is a poem that introduces a changing view of war – it helps us reflect upon the uselessness of the sacrifice of a human life… where the only apparent purpose is to put innocents people into combat in order to settle a disruption for other people.

The intention of the video is to be part of an Art Installation.

Perhaps the poem itself sufficiently communicates the poet’s message. However, the images accompanying the poem might help round out the picture described by the words in the poem. For this reason I think that it is important to show this video, even outside of the installation’s contest, for an educational purpose.

Almost 100 years have passed since Owen wrote this poem. Unfortunately, the struggle of humanity is more alive than ever.

”Asleep” can really help change the perception of what war is truly about.

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